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Here in the archives, you will find videos that were created during the humble beginnings of Culture Shock Video and Media. Most of them are a little rough around the edges, maybe not as polished as our new digital productions. I hope you get a kick out of them and are able to see the progress not just with Culture Shock Video and Media, but the advancements in technology now available in this field of work.

Magic Rooster Band Blue Collar Man

Maillardville 100 years


Working on my skills as a cameraman, I shot this video for a friend who was entering a beer commercial contest many moons ago! (Did not edit, just shot it.)


"Project Advance is an annual appeal by the Archdiocese of Vancouver. The Project Advance video is shown in every Catholic church, at every mass in the entire Archdiocese of Vancouver, for one whole weekend. While this may be one of my most challenging projects, it is also my most personally rewarding, and my most gratifying job. I am involved in the research, script writing, pre-production, shooting, editing, and post-production.

The work for the Project Advance video usually begins in the fall, with a deadline usually set for April. In between, there is a lot of work from a lot of people committed to making their church and their community a better, safer, more livable environment. Whether it's finding shelter for the homeless, assisting women in getting off the streets, or providing funds to help repair their churches or communities, the Project Advance Video is a perfect example of people working together to better not just themselves, but also the less fortunate, and more importantly their own communities.

Project Advance takes a lot of pride in the development of Catholic schools and communities and is responsible for the much-needed upgrades to these facilities, upgrades and improvements which in many cases may be overdue. I have been fortunate to work with a number of people at the Chancery in downtown Vancouver who have made my work that much easier, and I feel both blessed and lucky to have been chosen to make the Project Advance video for the fourth year in a row. This video was shot and edited in HD."

- Patrick Singh

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